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Hi there (Y) Mira/Lia as usually called :) Seventeento-be :* SPM candidates'14 :> Welcome to my blog ^^ Enjoy for nothing . haha .

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Bye blog

Assalamualaikum , hye guys . After thinking and thinking I make decision to stop blogging . I mean , yaa there's no post from me anymore . Hm act , I hd been forgot my pass , and ya I'm so not happy about it . But now I can still updating as I'll still not sign out my googgle acc in my phone . But yaa , officially I couldn't access my blog anymore . Nd hmm yaa , I'm still trying to remember my pass . But yaa its still error , its still wrong . Hm how can I forgot my own password ? After 5 years ? Hmm I'm still wonder . Nd searching whts wrong . Maybe I'll make such a new blog after this , maybe . But I hope I can remember the pass as this blog hd soo many memory . Hmm hm . Wanna cry pls ?  Hmm hmmm so ,bye blog . And sorry for the really breaking english  . Hahaha . Xoxo _ NAA ♡ Love

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